Alchemistbox – Smokey Spiced Apple with glasses



Great cocktails for great people! This Alchemistbox includes all tools and ingredients to create 4 perfect-served Smokey Spiced Apple cocktails. A journey through the world of cocktails and mixology.

The basic ingredients of the Smokey Spiced Apple are Ole Smokey Moonshine cinnamon and Moonshine apple pie. The Ole Smokey family belongs to one of the families taking their first steps on the Smokey Mountains and created an unique technique to make fantastic moonshine and thus survive during tough economic times. This moonshines perfectly mix with the premium Ginger Ale Schweppes. We also selected Cinnamon sticks in order to make this cocktail complete. This herb has been imported in Egypt since 2000BC and was so prized in the ancient nations that it was regarded as a gift to kings and even God. Cheers!

Besides the premium spirits, mixers & herbs,  each hand numbered Alchemistbox also contains tasting notes, an alchemist cup and a cocktail spoon. This alchemistbox is offered along with two vintage glasses. An original and exclusive gift, even for yourself!

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