Wakeboarding Behind A Ferrari F50

Our YouTube friends, going by the name of ‘Tax The Rich’, are famous for doing the craziest stuff with the most expensive cars you could imagine. It started some years ago when they drove a $1 million Ferrari Enzo in the mud. The video quickly gained a lot of views (currently 26,8M views!) so a series of similar videos followed. After doing some casual Rolls-Royce Wraith drifting and a flaming burnout with a Jaguar XJ220, they took a little break from YouTube.

Two years ago these guys collaborated with pro wakeboarder Jorge Gill. Tax The Rich wouldn’t be Tax The Rich if they didn’t involve an exclusive car. So why not introduce a very rare yellow Ferrari F50? They’ve tied the rope around the spoiler and yank Jorge Gill through a canal from standstill. Check out the video below.

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