Apple iPhone 8: rumours and pictures

This year Apple will mark the 10th anniversary of their most important product, the iPhone. Enough reasons for Apple to celebrate this occasion with a total new iPhone. With two months to go until the launch of the next iPhone, there are already a lot of rumors of the features. Apple seems to be really ambitious.

Many sources are talking about iPhone 8 but actually we have no idea what the exact name will be. Normally you would expect an iPhone 7s , but because of the anniversary any name is possible. Maybe they will launch 3 models: iPhone 7s, 7s plus and the special anniversary edition (iPhone 8? iPhone X? iPhone Edition?).

At this moment nothing is sure but we can give you the most persistent rumours:

  1. Wireless charging

Probably this will be similar to the Apple Watch which you charge wirelessly by placing it on a magnetic plate. Other sources report that you will still have to charge the iPhone via a cable but this time with an another technique that will charge much faster.

  1. iPhone 8 screen: flexible plastic OLED

One of the most important changes is an OLED display instead of an LCD screen. Appple would have already ordered millions of displays at Samsung. It could feature an edge-to-edge screen curved on both sides. Another rumour suggest Apple is moving away from the aluminium case by re-adopting a glass body.

  1. Touch ID

As the iPhone will feature an edge-to-edge screen, it will have a Touch ID built in, as there is no Home button. However, according to many, a Touch ID scanner built into the screen is technically far too challenging. That’s why Apple would also be busy with Touch ID on the back of the iPhone 8.

  1. 3D facial recognition

The iPhone 7 already had a major innovation with the dual camera, but the iPhone 8 camera could be really spectacular. The front camera will have an infrared module that can estimate depth and recognize 3D structures – like your face. You may unlock your iPhone by looking through it. The camera could also be used for Augmented Reality.

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