You might have heard rumors about it. You might have seen it in all its glory on our social media channels or in our webshop. You might be one of the lucky ones to have ever tasted one of its flavors. Or you might be reading this and wondering what the hell we’re talking about… Gintrigued? Keep on reading!

The HAVN brand has been on a steady rise since the start of 2016: as if opening an iconic event location (HAVN Church), an innovative coworking environment (HAVN CoWork) and an art gallery (HAVN Gallery) wasn’t enough… HAVN also launched its very own gin brand (HAVN Gin). Of course, this gin was destined to be the furthest from ordinary: it was released in four different flavours. Yes, you are reading it right: four gins, each of which containing the flavours and fragrances that represent the four corners of the world: Antwerp, Bangkok, Copenhangen and Marseille.

Every HAVN bottle catches not only your sense of taste but also the eye, courtesy of a special and unique painting procedure: each bottle is lacquered with a kind of metal paint and then put through a treatment with electrical charges. In doing so, every bottle is given a unique “design” and pattern. No bottle is exactly the same!

The true gin, design and luxury lovers we are, it would be a disgrace not adding these delicious looking & tasting bottles to our collection. What about you?

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More info concerning the four HAVN flavours can be found below.

HAVN Gin – Antwerp

Come home in Antwerp with the black pots full of Flemish rhubarb together with the comforting aromas and recognize the soft sweetness of vanilla and cinnamon. A pleasing composition with an easy accessibility.

HAVN Gin – Bangkok

Travel to Bangkok with its harmonious golden light of lime leaves and lemon grass in contrast with its spicy ginger. Taste the bright freshness of the Far East and its edible flowers and feel the tingle of oriental taste on your tongue.

HAVN Gin – Copenhagen

This HAVN Copenhagen gin has an intense scent that reminds of the silver salt of smoked fish, dill herb and spicy seaweed. A bold but very successful composition.

HAVN Gin – Marseille

Spoil yourself with the warmth of the sun on your skin and the scent of Mediterranean herbs and olives in the port of Marseille. Perfect during long evenings full of pervasive herbal touches.

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