BVLLIN MIXTVPE #1: The Great DJ Makasi

We are proud to introduce you our newest concept: BVLLIN MIXTVPE. The BVLLIN MIXTVPE will bring you the hottest one hour-long mixes, varying from deep house to hip-hop and rap tunes, brought to you by famous and upcoming DJ’s from all around the world. All mixtapes will be made available to stream on iTunes Podcast and Mixcloud.

Today, we are starting in Antwerp, as DJ Makasi had the honour to create the first ever BVLLIN MIXTVPE. DJ Makasi is known for exploring different genres and being an innovator, mashing everything creatively and never falling into the rap of cliché mixes. In this mix he combines the odd and unlikely into well-crafted sounds, entertaining and amazing. His reputation as an innovator spread like wildfire and soon he was playing in clubs like Jimmy Woo (Amsterdam), Queen Club (Paris), Armani Club (Dubai), Fashion Week parties (New York), Winter Music conference (Miami) and TomorrowWorld (Atlanta). He didn’t only play at the biggest places, he also met the biggest names like Flo Rida, Nicole Scherzinger, 50 cent, N.E.R.D., Ne-Yo, Martin Solveig, Afrojack, Sebastian Ingrosso, and many more.

Check the iTunes Podcast out here.

Our little interview with Makasi is available to read below. Don’t forget to look for the hidden -50% coupon code. Be fast, because it can only be used one time.

1. When was your passion for music born?

My love for music has always been in my veins. I grew up with Funk / Soul & Jazz of which my dad had some great records. My older sister, on other the hand, learned me to discover the new Hip Hop and RnB tracks after she came home from the nightclubs. She was also very interested in musicals, but didn’t manage to get me interested (haha), it didn’t interest me at all.

2. Are you happy about the way your career went until now?

Actually, yes! Every day I am doing what I love the most, making music and travelling around the world. I met a lot of celebrities and explored very interesting and different cultures. I feel blessed I can tell all these stories at the age of 26. Every day, week, month, years,.. again and again I set new goals to keep my work exciting.

3. What is your biggest dream?

My biggest is dream is to live the Vinny Chase (Entourage) life: being successful in life while day after day being surrounded with your best friends who can enjoy your success together with you. It just sounds like a perfect life to me. I believe it would also create new opportunities in life.

4. What does an average day in your life look like?

To sleep! Haha no… My week is really filled. Most of the time I wake up around 10 in the morning. The rest of my day/night are occupied with a lot of meetings and, of course, studio work. Actually it’s not possible to stop for one day, you have to keep going. During my free time I love to look for some great places to eat awesome food. Also, I love doing rather extreme sports to keep myself in good condition: skating, surfing, skydiving and snowboarding. You will never find me in a public gym.

5. Can you give one tip to young, ambitious people?

I could tell you the same old bullshit like ‘never give up’ or ‘keep going’, but that would be so boring and superficial. My tip for all you ambitious guys: first of all, probably one of the hardest parts, look for something you’re good at and I mean really really really good. When doing this, look for your strengths and weaknesses. Use your strengths and look for someone who can help you out with your weaknesses After several ‘trials and errors’ in life, I found out this rule, which has helped me a lot. In my opinion this tip can be used for every job. It’s impossible to be the best at everything, but it’s possible to accept who you are and what your possibilities are. The moment you realise this, you can handle the world.

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