MMA-Star Conor McGregor: Love Him or Hate Him?

Conor “Notorious” McGregor. Even if you’re not a fan of MMA, you’ve probably heard this name quite a lot last year. After being defeated by Nate Diaz earlier this year, the MMA-star won the rematch in August and finished it off by winning his 2nd UFC world championship against Eddie Alvarez. Famous for his streak of knockouts, incredible speeches before and after matches, but most of all: his BVLLIN lifestyle. He’s a real entertaining showman in and outside the ring.

Conor grew up in Ireland surrounded by a family of Manchester United fans, a possible explanation why he first dreamed of becoming a football player. When he turned 16, he found out about MMA. He started training on daily base, but at the same time he worked as a plumber – something most people probably don’t know. Every morning around 5am, he had to bike through the rain and work his butt off as a plumber. At some point he realised he didn’t want to do this forever. That’s why he decided, together with his girlfriend and against his father’s wish, to pursue his dream of fighting in the UFC. In 2008 he quit his job and made his first MMA debut. Since then he won 21 out of 24 matches, of which 18 wins happened via knockouts.

For years and years Conor was broke as f*ck. Currently, his net worth is estimated around $22 million. According to Forbes, this makes him the 85th person on the list of highest-paid athletes. With this exponential success comes a great lifestyle. Conor loves buying new cars and wearing the most expensive tailored suits. Despite this, never ever forget the key message of this article: Conor McGregor is still one the hardest working men we have ever known!

Photography: Conor McGregor

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