The New Power Duo: BVLLIN And Luxury For Men Join Forces

What started as an occasional collaboration after an entertaining night (with too much Gin Tonic) has evolved into a complete integration of the BVLLIN lifestyle brand (pronounced as ballin’) within Luxury For Men. A power duo where both companies join forces to conquer the world together.

Luxury For Men has been thé source of inspiration with a selection of exclusive brands for bon vivants who love smart and affordable luxury. Not a complete coincidence that BVLLIN crossed their path a while ago. BVLLIN was founded in 2013 by the brothers Stijn and Jorik Marcelis, an experiment where they launched their own sweater and T-shirt collection and were soon noticed by influencers and DJ’s.


Stijn: “The brand, the designs, emotions and look & feel of BVLLIN are based on the ‘baller’ lifestyle. Or with the words of “A thug who escaped the mean streets to become a multimillionaire athlete, typically as a basketball star. The expanded definition includes anyone with a highly developed skill set, plus a “proficiency at the game of life.” Call it style, panache, cool. It’s a noun, it’s an adjective. You know, a baller.”

Luxury For Men - BVLLIN

Some time ago Luxury For Men launched their ‘own’ product collection with the Alchemist Box, the personalized Message On A Bottle of gin, a limited edition money clip and magic wallet. Building their own brand collection perfectly fits the ambitions and strategy of Luxury For Men founder Dries Boven, who has an academic background in product design.

Dries: “Designing and developing a personal lifestyle & fashion label was high on our priority list and thanks to the acquisition of BVLLIN we now have a head start. Joining forces was a smart move since the brand experience of both brands has a close match. Luxury For Men and BVLLIN reach the same audience: ambitious bon vivants who like smart luxury. Hard working ballers that also know how to play hard! We better join forces to live up to the expectations of this demanding audience. It’s my goal to exceed their expectations! Wait and see!”

Stijn will still be involved in building the BVLLIN brand and together with the Luxury For Men team new products are being designed that will be launched shortly.

Dries: “The BVLLIN collection will be drastically expanded with surprising newcomers within the spirits, fashion, arm candy & motivational art. Everything in the theme of the wolf because I believe it secretly hides in every one of us. The lion might be more powerful than the wolf. But the wolf doesn’t perform in the circus! Pursue your dreams, be fearless, work hard and unleash your inner wolf!”

Luxury For Men - BVLLIN

Stijn: “I’m also very enthusiastic about the new collection and am really looking forward to the reaction of our ballers! I’m inviting you to follow us and stay up-to-date: BVLLIN instagramLuxury For Men instagramBVLLIN facebookLuxury For Men Facebook, Luxury For Men newletter.”

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