VIDEO: One of Steve Jobs’ Last Ideas

During his last public event in 2011, Steve Jobs proudly presented his plans for an incredible new Apple Campus. It would be a spaceship-shaped building surrounded by a big park. One of his last ideas is now becoming reality.

Last week, Apple announced that the campus is almost finished. It’s officially called Apple Park and the first employees will be occupying the campus in April. It will take around six months to move 12.000 employees into the new site. It will have a visitors center with an Apple Store and a café open to public. The tree-filled park offers two miles of walking and running paths for employees.

Offcourse Apple wouldn’t be Apple without Steve Jobs. That’s why Apple decided to name the 1,000-seat auditorium ‘The Steve Jobs theater’. This auditorium is located on one of the highest points in the Apple Park. It will be the site of the company’s future launches.

Tim Cook, about the Steve Jobs Theater:

To honor his memory and his enduring influence on Apple and the world, the theater at Apple Park will be named the Steve Jobs Theater. Opening later this year, the entrance to the 1,000-seat auditorium is a 20-foot-tall glass cylinder, 165 feet in diameter, supporting a metallic carbon-fiber roof. The Steve Jobs Theater is situated atop a hill — one of the highest points within Apple Park — overlooking meadows and the main building.

Steve Jobs didn’t only want to have the best office building in the world, he also wanted to be an inspiration for the next generation. The ring is totally made of the world’s largest panels of curved glass. Thanks to the 17 megawatts of rooftop solar, the Apple Park is 100% powered by renewable energy.

The building costs an estimated $5 billion, however Apple never said how much.

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