BVLLIN Luxury Vodka Skull Pink


Good, Better, BVLLIN! A prestigious vodka in an exclusive bottle, quadruple distilled in the back room of a concealed distillery in Belgium… because only the best is good enough for you ballers!

BVLLIN luxury vodka is manufactured from locally harvested sugar beets. The usage of a unique filtration system, where the charcoals are burned first and afterwards added to the distillate, results in an unseen smooth and soft character. This unique vodka is presented in a luxury gift tube. A great present for the vodka lover!

Enjoy every sip of this bottle of iconic, contemporary, rough, unique & handcrafted BVLLIN vodka and unleash your inner wolf! Because the lion might be more powerful than the wolf, but the wolf doesn't perform in the circus!

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  • Brand BVLLIN
    Volume 50 cl
    Alcohol 40%
    Packaging Is presented in a luxury gift tube
    Extra Small batch prestige BVLLIN vodka, handcrafted in Belgium

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