BVLLIN Premium Gin


Good, Better, BVLLIN! A prestigious gin in an exclusive bottle, copper pot distilled by an authentic Belgian distillery… because only the best is good enough for you ballers!

This small batch BVLLIN gin is distilled from grains harvested from local farms in the back room of a concealed distillery in Belgium. Infused with the fresh flavor of elderflower and other unusual botanicals, this BVLLIN gin has a daring and invigorating character with a gorgeously sweet but zesty bite.

Enjoy every sip of this bottle of iconic, contemporary, rough, unique & handcrafted BVLLIN gin and unleash your inner wolf! Because the lion might be more powerful than the wolf, but the wolf doesn’t perform in the circus!

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  • Brand BVLLIN
    Volume 50 cl
    Alcohol 40%
    Extra Small batch premium BVLLIN gin, handcrafted in Belgium