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Ready to go clubbing? With this BVLLIN Vodka Red Bull set you can create that club feeling in your own home!

Good, Better, BVLLIN! A prestigious vodka in an exclusive bottle, quadruple distilled in the back room of a concealed distillery in Belgium… because only the best is good enough for the ambitious hustlers from BVLLIN (pronounced as ballin’)! BVLLIN luxury vodka is manufactured from locally harvested sugar beets. The usage of a unique filtration system, where the charcoals are burned first and afterwards added to the distillate, results in an unseen smooth and soft character. Enjoy every sip of this bottle of iconic, contemporary, rough, unique & handcrafted BVLLIN vodka and unleash your inner wolf! Because the lion might be more powerful than the wolf, but the wolf doesn’t perform in the circus!

Combine it with the Red Bull and serve in the Libbey tumblers for a perfect-served Vodka Red Bull!


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    Brand BVLLIN
    Alcohol 40%
    Extra Small batch prestige BVLLIN vodka, handcrafted in Belgium
    Contents This BVLLIN Vodka Red Bull set contains:
    BVLLIN Luxury Vodka (500 ml – 40%)
    2 x Red Bull (355 ml)
    2 x Libbey tumbler